Why “United We Govern?”

There is much that we agree on:

  • Sensible gun laws that respect the Constitution AND keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and mentally ill.
  • That we treasure the variety of America’s “melting pot.” This is true for many people who want secure borders.  [Hopefully, folks will look beyond buzz words that “trigger” some folks– left or right.]
  • A woman’s right to choose. We recognize that, as with all rights, this right may be limited. While this is a very emotional issue for many, we are UNITED that there is a period from conception until some viability of a fetus/child during which the government should stay out of a woman’s decision to carry.

We will strive to find as many issues as possible that we can work on.

This group is NOT JUST FOR MODERATES. We can have strong feelings on an issue, for example, gun control, feeling that the “perfect” answer is no guns at all, while recognizing that the answer that works is one that respects the United States’ constitution and traditions, which allow for regulation, but not for a total ban.